August 17

DIY Kitchen Decoration Ideas, from Picture Frames to Fresh Herbs

With all those cooking videos you may have seen online or those countless dream kitchens that are printed on magazines, it is hard not to wish for a charming kitchen of your own to prepair a great breakfast or dinner. You don’t have to wait until you’re moving to a new house or for a renovation team for you to start having a kitchen that looks as good as those that are designed by professionals. With a few decorations, fixes and some cleaning here and there, you can also manage to have the best looking kitchen that will be the envy of your friends. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it, as there are many ways to beautify your kitchen through DIY methods. Here are some kitchen decoration ideas you can handle doing on your own.

1. Change some wall tiles.

The flooring can just be cleaned, bleached if needed or steam mopped. Don’t attempt to DIY changing of floor tiles because this is more complicated than it seems. However, when it comes to wall tiles, things could get much easier. If you have a marble or granite wall in your kitchen, it could be quite challenging to make changes, however, if you currently have tiles or a bare concrete or cement wall, then you can change or add some wall tiles. Check a discount outlet or online stores that offer decorative wall tiles for cheap. There are DIY instructions that you can also get freely from the internet on how to install these wall tiles.

2. Add some picture frames.

You don’t necessarily have to add your photos or family pictures on the wall because you probably already have that in the living room. But you can still that if you wish. You can instead look for interesting pictures online that you can have printed such as cooking quotes, or quotes about family. You can also look for landscape photos that can add a relaxing feeling in your kitchen. Frame it and hang it up the wall.

3. Plant your own fresh herbs and spices.

Drills and Drivers ReviewFrom basil to rosemary to thyme and so much more, these herbs need not be bought from the market anymore. You can create a shelf with small hanging boxes or pots where you can plant these herbs. Label them creatively and make sure you water them regularly. Use a cordless drill so you can easily hang a wooden shelf up on the wall, this way you can use floating space instead of adding another shelf on the floor.

4. Hanging pots and pans can be pretty.

You’ve probably already seen how some beautiful looking kitchens have pots and pans on display rather than kept inside cabinets. These are ideally placed above the counter table especially if the table is placed in the center of the kitchen. Make sure your pots and pans are shiny and clean so they would look pretty as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

5. Refrigerator magnets never get old.

Your refrigerator can be left bare or you can decorate it with nice looking magnets. Be creative and make magnets on your own using clay or any other material that you can get your hands on. You can also have photos printed and attach a magnet behind it so these can be used to decorate the ref.

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