August 17

DIY Kitchen Decoration Ideas, from Picture Frames to Fresh Herbs

With all those cooking videos you may have seen online or those countless dream kitchens that are printed on magazines, it is hard not to wish for a charming kitchen of your own to prepair a great breakfast or dinner. You don’t have to wait until you’re moving to a new house or for a renovation team for you to start having a kitchen that looks as good as those that are designed by professionals. With a few decorations, fixes and some cleaning here and there, you can also manage to have the best looking kitchen that will be the envy of your friends. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it, as there are many ways to beautify your kitchen through DIY methods. Here are some kitchen decoration ideas you can handle doing on your own.

1. Change some wall tiles.

The flooring can just be cleaned, bleached if needed or steam mopped. Don’t attempt to DIY changing of floor tiles because this is more complicated than it seems. However, when it comes to wall tiles, things could get much easier. If you have a marble or granite wall in your kitchen, it could be quite challenging to make changes, however, if you currently have tiles or a bare concrete or cement wall, then you can change or add some wall tiles. Check a discount outlet or online stores that offer decorative wall tiles for cheap. There are DIY instructions that you can also get freely from the internet on how to install these wall tiles.

2. Add some picture frames.

You don’t necessarily have to add your photos or family pictures on the wall because you probably already have that in the living room. But you can still that if you wish. You can instead look for interesting pictures online that you can have printed such as cooking quotes, or quotes about family. You can also look for landscape photos that can add a relaxing feeling in your kitchen. Frame it and hang it up the wall.

3. Plant your own fresh herbs and spices.

Drills and Drivers ReviewFrom basil to rosemary to thyme and so much more, these herbs need not be bought from the market anymore. You can create a shelf with small hanging boxes or pots where you can plant these herbs. Label them creatively and make sure you water them regularly. Use a cordless drill so you can easily hang a wooden shelf up on the wall, this way you can use floating space instead of adding another shelf on the floor.

4. Hanging pots and pans can be pretty.

You’ve probably already seen how some beautiful looking kitchens have pots and pans on display rather than kept inside cabinets. These are ideally placed above the counter table especially if the table is placed in the center of the kitchen. Make sure your pots and pans are shiny and clean so they would look pretty as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

5. Refrigerator magnets never get old.

Your refrigerator can be left bare or you can decorate it with nice looking magnets. Be creative and make magnets on your own using clay or any other material that you can get your hands on. You can also have photos printed and attach a magnet behind it so these can be used to decorate the ref.

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November 5

The Four Kitchen Appliances to Use for a Great Breakfast

Espresso Machine

Nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many of us don’t have the needed time to prepare a healthy breakfast before going to work. However, there are a few kitchen appliances that can prove to be of great help. While the bread toaster and the electric kettle work in your behalf, you can get dressed and be ready just in time for breakfast! You can enjoy a great breakfast with your family. Due to the garbage disposal in your sink, the cleaning up afterwards, go’s smooth and clean and your ready to start a relaxed day.

1. The electric kettle

You can start your day with a homemade cup of tea. The fastest way to make tea is by using an electric kettle. When you choose an electric kettle, you should consider its capacity, boiling time and power characteristics. Find an electric kettle with a minimum output of 1500 W if you want the water to boil in a few seconds.
In case you have a numerous family and they all drink tea, purchase an electric kettle with a high capacity. The size of this kitchen appliance grows proportionally with its capacity, so make sure you have enough room to deposit it.
Almost every model stops automatically when the water is boiling, so you don’t have to watch it until it’s ready. This function saves you a lot of time that you can use for other purposes like making coffee.

2. Espresso machine

Drinking tea is a healthy habit, but coffee is favoured by most. Savouring a cup of coffee in the morning can be a great day starter. Choosing a good espresso machine is not always an easy task, but Espresso Gusto can help you a lot with any information you need to know about espresso machines. You must know there are two types of espresso machines, namely automatic and manual. You’ll definitely need an automatic one because you have other things to do while the coffee is ready.

The technology used to make coffee works on steam pumps or pressure pumps. Although the pressure pumps make more noise than the steam pumps, they are a lot faster. You can also choose between beans and already grinded beans.
For more information on coffee grinders, just go to

3. Bread toaster

Moving on to solid breakfast foods, toasted bread seems to be a very popular option. If you want the tea and the bread to be in perfect sync, you need a powerful bread toaster. Find a bread toaster with an output of at least 750 W. Make sure you can change its toasting intensity as well. You don’t want over-toasted bread that hurts your gums.
The standard bread toasters have room for two slices of bread. However, if you want to invest more money in this kitchen appliance, you can look for toasters with a capacity of 4 slices. This model comes in handy when you prepare breakfast for more people.

4. Sandwich maker

For more laborious breakfasts, you can use a sandwich maker. The output of this appliance should be at least 600 W. The greater its performance is, the faster the sandwich is ready! This appliance warms up and keeps the temperature constant while cooking the sandwich. It is programmed to alert you when the sandwich is supposed to be ready. It does that by shutting on led off and turning another one on, or by switching colors.

There are types of sandwich makers that can be used as grills or waffle makers too. These are usually more expensive, but they can be very effective. Cooking a grilled chicken without too much supervision could be a good option for a healthy lunch.
These 4 kitchen appliances should be enough for you to prepare a quick and nourishing breakfast. Your stomach and your family will definitely be grateful for your effort!

May 19

Two Ways to Make Sure the Indoor Air Remains Fresh and Unpolluted

We all need to breathe air to stay alive, only if the air is fresh and unpolluted. Bad or polluted air can create all sorts of health related issues. But fresh air is a rare commodity these days, so how can we make sure that the air we are breathing is not polluted or safe to breathe.

Following are the two ways to make sure that the indoor air remains fresh and unpolluted at all times.

  1. Use Air Purifiers

    Use Air PurifiersThere are so many things in the indoor air, which can pose serious health risks to you and your family. Things like pollens, dust, lead, smoke, chemicals, odor, and mold spores can spark allergic reactions in infants and young children. Air purifiers use mechanical filtration, electrostatic precipitation, ion generation or combination of two or more of these techniques to remove dust, debris, and various pollutants from the air and purify it. Some of the modern air purifiers also contain activated charcoal; such air purifiers can even remove gaseous pollutants from the air.

    There are plenty of different types and models of air purifiers readily available in the market, like carbon filter purifiers, ionizers, UV Purifiers and HEPA Filters. The type of air purifier that you need to purchase depends on the size of your room or home and how powerful a unit you need and off course on your budget.

  2. Use Dehumidifiers

    Since the inside air is polluted with so many different allergens and pollutants, removing them from the air by using air purifiers alone is not going to cut it. You also need to make sure to take care of the source if you want to permanently sort out this problem. One way of doing it is by brining the inside humidity levels to optimal levels. Most of the germs, bacteria, pollens and mold spores flourish on humid conditions. Dehumidifiers use air conditioner technology and can help you bring the inside humidity levels to the desired range, where these allergens will not be able to grow and flourish.

Depending on the type of technology/mechanism used, dehumifier can be classified into the following major categories:
– Heat Pump Dehumidifiers
– Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifiers
– Dehumidifying Ventilators
– Homemade Dehumidifiers
While using dehumidifiers make sure to close the windows and doors to avoid more moisture and pollutants from coming in.

Plenty Air
National Institutes of Health Sciences

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November 14

The Best Ways to Use a Recumbent Bike

Before you even think about exercising through a recumbent bike, you must keep in mind that you have to take it easy during your first attempts. After months or even years of physical inactivity, your muscles will complain of the task you put them to while you ride and pedal.

JTX Cyclo 5 - Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bike Demonstration

JTX Cyclo 5 – Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bike Demonstration

As explained by Indoor Training Bikes, it’s essential you talk to your doctor before you engage in indoor biking. If you don’t like talking to your doctor, you might want to take it easy with this bike. Even if you were a conditioned cyclist, you could still experience achy muscles.

So, the best way for you to avoid injuries and muscle aches is to have nice slow rides at first. Forget about your speed. Enjoy what the recumbent bike can offer. Just pedal and bike.

If you need to drink water, you should do so. Since you’re exercising, you’re prone to dehydration. Thus, always place a bottle of water beside you while pedaling and exercising with this bike.

After a few days, you may increase your intensity. If you’re still experiencing aching knees or muscles, you must consult your physician. The pain may be caused by pushing too hard or you’re using the bike in a wrong position. Check these factors before you continue.

Remember, riding this bike has to be fun and exciting while you’re watching TV or listening to your favorite songs. It must not be painful. You can’t continue pedaling or biking indoors if the pain persists. Thus, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position before you start pedaling.

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May 21

The Best Features to Look For in Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats can help you save money on energy costs. So, if your energy bills are getting higher and higher each month, you might want to own and install this type of device to save thousands of dollars for your heating/cooling system.

What are the features of programmable thermostats you should go for?

According to Thermostat Center, you should:

Nest Learning Thermostat - 2nd Generation T200577

Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation T200577

1. Look for a model that allows you to set a program that will not waste energy, especially when the rest of the family members are not at home. The most reliable units have a 7-day program that you can adjust by day, by weekdays or weekends.
2. Choose a unit that displays humidity and temperature, not just the inside of your house, but also outside.
3. Find a model that comes with Wi-Fi. Although this is not a must-have feature, you might find it useful as you can let it communicate to an external weather service and link it to your online account. In this way, you can adjust the temperature through your computer or mobile even when you are not at home (more information here).

What kind of design should you choose?

It depends on your preference. However, some experts would prefer to have a touch screen programmable thermostat. It must be large enough so you can read the information easily, even at night.

You may also consider a thermostat that can go with your home décor. But this is not necessary.

Regardless of the model of thermostats you choose, make sure that they are easy for you to use. You should opt for units that are easy to install or with locks that will prevent your kids from changing the program. It is also ideal to go with units that can offer you instant details about the energy you have saved.

March 1

How to Truly Enjoy Your Precious Wines

NewAir 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

There are two things every wine lover would agree to. First, good wine is not cheap and second, wines tend to get bad very fast if not stored and refrigerated properly.

In fact, many people have had the misfortune of throwing away their wine bottles as those got stale and tasteless. But thankfully, modern technology has introduced wine coolers to us.

Wine coolers are small to large refrigerators dedicated to storing wines. They come in various shapes and with various features.

The best in the class models have different temperature controls that let you store different types of wines at the same time. Some of them provide effective exhaust options to keep the wines odourless.

Built-in wine coolers are also available for smaller apartments with a want of space. These get fit within the kitchen counter easily and yet manage to look quite sleek and trendy. So if you have a love for wines, grab a wine cooler today to do justice to your enthusiasm.

For more information you can check Cooling Wine

February 24

The Different Styles for your Kitchen Faucet

Delta 4453-SS-DST Linden

Kitchen faucets are quite frankly the most neglected piece of your home décor. But you have no idea what fascinating influence the faucet might add to the aesthetics of your house if you pay a little more attention while choosing the proper faucet for your home.

There is an endless list of faucet styles. But here in this article you will get to know about the most widely used varieties suitable for most types of home decors and lifestyles.

Pull-Out: These types of faucets have only one handle to adjust the flow and are to be used only by one hand. The spray head is long enough which is suitable for pots that are not attached to the sink.

Pull-Down: Almost similar in usage like the Pull-out faucets, the only difference is that the handle is moved down for water flow and temperature control. The arc of the spray head saves a lot of space and it adds a pleasant touch to the beauty of the kitchen.

Commercial/Fusion Style: Mostly found in hotels and office canteens, the professional look of this type of faucets are quickly gaining popularity in the domestic arena also.

Separate Spray: Although it takes up a tad more space in your sink, this faucet has elegance in its look that draws a lot of attention. In this model, the spray head is separate from the handles. Generally two different handles are placed on both the sides of the spray head for temperature control.

Motion Sensor or Touchless: This is one style that has rapidly gained the majority of the market share in the past few years. Known for its water saving feature, it is now used in huge numbers in domestic and commercial kitchens and washrooms. The faucet can sense your hand when placed directly under the spray and will start pouring.

Two Handles: This is although the most traditional faucet style, it must be admitted it has not lost its charm till today. There are households which still buy this model where two handles are attached to the Spray.

To find the best faucet in the market, visit Faucet Assistant for more information.

February 7

My New Waste Disposal

Waste King L-8000TC Garbage Disposer

I stumbled across this website last week and thought it deserved some linklove. It’s remotely related to our site and offers some truly helpful information on garbage disposals, in fact I used it to select my own new disposal: the Waste King 8000. It’s a beast of a waste disposal and for the money you just can’t find anything better. I couldn’t be happier.

January 20

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FRA106CV1

Are you planning to renovate your office with a new air conditioner? Or may be you just want your home to be the most comfortable place to be in. Whatever it is, buying an AC is never easy. Apart from the performance, you also need to consider the type as different ACs need different fittings and settings.

You should always keep in mind the power consumption factor too as ACs are known to be power hungry appliances. To keep your space effectively cooled and the power bills under check, read in-depth reviews about the most popular air conditioners at Air Reflect.

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January 11

Air Beds – A Boon For Your Health

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress

A poorly designed bed can induce pains and aches in different parts of your body. If you are having such pains for a long time then probably it is time to take a look at air mattresses. These innovative beds can support your body weight perfectly and they do not put undue pressure on any part of your body.

As these beds use air, they can support the body evenly. At no point of time your back will be arched in an uncomfortable position. Some of the new air mattresses even come with sensor air pumps that automatically inflate the mattress if it starts to lose air during the night. Hence, as explained here, these are the best beds for good health.

If you want more information about air mattresses and their benefits, take a look at NIH and /or Sleep on Air . Once you sleep on one of these, you will never go back to traditional beds, ever.

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